Monday, 25 February 2013

White Night

Again today, I fall in love and say farewell
To the remaining pieces of you inside of me
How about you?
I need you
Each time I try to erase you, everything completely breaks down
In this endless time, in all of this space
Your thickly colored breaths are filled up
Again today, I take the remaining pieces of promises, traces of memories
And I try to put them together all day
How about you?
I can’t get over you.
You just keep shining on and on through my time.
I need you
Each time I think of you, that time completely freezes up
It’s no use even though I try
Each time I breathe, it seems like your memories are speaking to me
All the remaining things, all the things I let you – they are all in my portion
I can’t turn things back like in the movies, like it was a lie
Come back to me.

SD : its not me.

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